• Get Naked
    Get Naked Sign for the bathroom or bedroom wall.

    Come on , you can't shower with clothes on and i...
    NZ$ 39.95
  • I love You
    Beautiful Sign for the bedroom or other wall.
    Made in NZ
    Dimensions approx 330 x 160mm...
    NZ$ 35.95
  • Jesus Fish
    Holes for hanging or use double sided tape.
    Made in NZ

    Material 1.6-2.0mm thick NZ Steel

    NZ$ 29.95
  • Kiss Me Good Night
    " Kiss Me Good Night "

    Sign for the bedroom, keep that romance alive!

    Dimensions approx 590mm...
    NZ$ 45.95
  • LOVE
    Love Sign for the wall.

    Dimensions approx 340mm x 200mm
    1.6-2.0mm thick NZ Steel

    Made in NZ i...
    NZ$ 35.95
  • Talofa Sign
    "Talofa " Sign for the house.

    Hello in the Samoan language

    Dimensions approx 580mm x 237mm
    NZ$ 49.95
  • Welcome Sign
    Dimensions approx 590mm x 180mm
    NZ 1.6mm Thick Mild steel.
    Primed and painted both sides with rust...
    NZ$ 45.95