Catapult for the kids

Catapult for the kids
Introducing the Ultimate Mini Catapult for Kids!

Blast Your Creativity to New Heights!

Dimensions: 80mm x 100mm x 100mm
Material: Sturdy 5mm MDF, Painted black
Ammo: Perfect for Marbles (your marbles)

Unleash Your Inner Engineer!
Ever dreamed of launching marbles with precision? Our catapult is the perfect blend of fun and learning, helping kids explore physics and engineering principles in an exciting way!

Destroy and Rebuild!
Imagine the thrill of knocking down your sister's Lego structures! With our catapult, the fun of building and destroying is endless. Aim, launch, and watch the marbles fly!

Safe and Easy to Use
Designed with safety in mind, our catapult is easy to use, ensuring hours of fun without any hassle.

Get Ready to Launch!
Order now and embark on a journey of playful destruction and creative construction!

Available now! Perfect for ages 6 and up.

Video link: Catapult in action.

Does not come with marbles.
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