House Decor

  • Horse Art
    Horse Art piece for the wall or shed or barn.
    Material 2.5mm Cor-ten Steel designed to rust patina ...
    NZ$ 89.95
  • Tree of Life   Flame Coloured
    RusticMetalArt presents the:

    ********* Tree of Life**********

    Dimensions approx 580 diameter. ...
    NZ$ 299.95
  • NZ Flag with Themes
    NZ Layered Metal Flag
    Up to 3 layers of NZ Steel and coloured like the photo.
    All 100% MADE IN NZ ...
    NZ$ 399.95
  • Western Style Horse Art
    Western Style Horse Art

    All made in the man cave in the beautiful Bay of Plenty

    Made with 1.6-...
    NZ$ 99.95
  • Cupids Arrow
    Cupids Love Arrow

    Designed for a person you love and adore!
    Great for birthdays, anniversaries, ...
    NZ$ 24.95
  • Tree of Life
    RusticMetalArt presents the:

    ********* Tree of Life**********

    Dimensions approx 590mm diameter...
    NZ$ 249.00
  • Love Birds on a Branch
    RusticMetalArt brings to you a lovely solid Love Bird Feature.

    They look fantastic on a light col...
    NZ$ 45.95
  • Co-exist For Peace
    Coexist = peace to all people on our Earth
    All made 100% in NZ
    Material: 1.6mm thick NZ steel
    NZ$ 45.95
  • Fantail on Kowhai
    Ideal on the house or bedroom wall.
    Great for valentines day!

    NZ$ 45.95
  • Infinite Love Sign
    RusticMetalArt has a lovely sign declaring "Infinite Love "

    Infinity Love Symbol

    Dimensions Ap...
    NZ$ 34.95
  • Bride and Groom Infinite Love Symbol
    Infinite Love Sign/ symbol for your loved one.

    Dimensions approx 445mm x 350mm

    Choose our Dua...
    NZ$ 109.95
  • Jesus Cross
    The Art Deco Jesus Name Cross is cut from 16 gauge cold rolled steel.

    It is approximately 230 x 1...
    NZ$ 19.95
  • Love Tree Panel
    Love Tree Panel

    There is always Music among the trees in the Garden, but our hearts must be very ...
    NZ$ 79.95
  • Movie Ticket ***GIGANTIC METAL ***
    RusticMetalArt has a lovely Metal Movie Ticket for sale.
    Just like you use to get issued, in the g...
    NZ$ 69.95
  • Tardis keys Holder
    Tardis key holder .

    Designed for the Dr Who Freak or just that retro moment for us old folks

    NZ$ 35.95
    Out Of Stock
  • Trout Chasing Sprats
    RUSTIC METAL ART has a new piece .
    A stunning trout chasing a couple of sprats

    Made with 1.6 -2m...
    NZ$ 99.95
  • Infinite Love Wedding Sign
    Wedding Gift Infinity Heart with custom names.
    Custom heart infinity love design with first names a...
    NZ$ 115.95
  • Steampunk Double Light Switch
    RusticMetalArt has designed a Steampunk Double Light switch plate.

    This is Plasma cut and design...
    NZ$ 115.50
  • Steampunk Single Lightswitch
    RusticMetalArt has designed a Steampunk Single Light switch plate.

    This is Plasma cut and designe...
    NZ$ 95.50
  • Autumn Maple Leaves
    Autumn Maple Leave made with 2mm thick NZ Steel
    Dimensions approx 550 x 320
    Holes for easy hanging...
    NZ$ 180.00
    We have a lovely new funky corten steel cow with flower.
    Dimensions approx 386mm x 322mm

    NZ$ 95.50
  • Love Bird Scroll
    Wonderful art to add to your wall

    Dimensions approx 570mm x 256mm
    material NZ 1.6-2.0mm Thick m...
    NZ$ 59.95
    Corten Steel Scrabble Letters
    Approx 150mm square 6"
    Made from 2.5mm thick corten steel for indoor...
    NZ$ 22.00
  • Woman in Bath Silhouette
    Wonderful sign for the bathroom or ladies room.
    Made in NZ
    All made with 1.6-2.0mm thick NZ Steel....
    NZ$ 89.95

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