Cool Rubber Band Guns

Cool Rubber Band Guns
Neat little rubber band guns for kids of all ages. They can fire a rubber band up to 6 meters and will keep the kids entertained for hours.
They work best with 3-4 rubber bands depending on strength of the band.

Dimensions approx 180mm
Material NZ MDF.
You can put these together as a kit-set or buy the completed item.

You will need some sandpaper/pliers or small saw to cut the 3mm skewers.

As a kit-set all materials apart from glue (use super-glue)and a bit of sandpaper are included.
YouTube video of the toy gun shooting.
Please look how it is loaded correctly with the rubber bands separated from top to bottom in pic No2.!!!!!

Customize with felt pens.

It pays to give everything including the rubber band holders at the end of the gun (the jagged bits)a light sand for easier movement of the rubber bands.
NZ$ 13.00 including GST

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To make life easier with the kitset.

  • Just cut the skeweres (included) into 25mm lengths approx with a pair of pliers at an angle.
  • Glue all layers but DO NOT glue any where near the trigger area is as this moves back and forth!!!!!!!
  • I repeat look at where the trigger moves back and forth, DO NOT glue anywhere on this area when putting the layers together especially the layer going on top..
  • When complete and all glued, cut the skewers off, add a drop of glue and sand flat with sand paper or an orbital sander if Dad has one.
  • You may need to tap gently some items in place.
  • Give the gun an overall light sand especialy the jagged bits that hold the rubber band for easier rubber band movement.

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